Professional hotel e-mails and sophisticated correspondence
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Booming bookings

Guide potential guests purposefully towards making a booking – with tailor-made holiday offers created in seconds.

Time savings

Good reception staff are rare. Give them time for what really matters: caring for your guests.

Guest loyalty

Your guests are digital. You can be, too! Unique support and care turn guests into regulars.


Useful widget for Europäische Reiseversicherung

Korrespondenzmanager is now even more user-friendly: Thanks to the interface to Europäische Reiseversicherung, guests can take out travel insurance directly via MiA and choose between Cancellation Plus and Cancellation Premium.

Best of all: For every insurance taken out, you receive a commission from Europäische Reiseversicherung!


It couldn’t be much simpler or more efficient: Fully automated messages throughout the entire guest journey, such as enquiry responses, booking reminders, anticipation, and welcome home e-mails or WhatsApp messages, mean you always stay fresh in your customers’ minds. The high level of automation makes it as easy as possible to lead guests from interest to booking and onwards to leaving a review. This fills beds and strengthens guest loyalty.

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Become a profiler: The personal support via the Korrespondenzmanager delights your guests – and they will willingly give you a wealth of data. Analysing the guest journey makes it possible to shed light on your target groups and segment them. And then? You can use the findings to create unique, tailor-made offers.

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How about if each offer was different from the next? The Korrespondenzmanager makes it possible: With just a few clicks, you can send holiday offers by e-mail or WhatsApp that are precisely tailored to your hotel and the recipient. This increases the booking rate. (Almost) all content of the Korrespondenzmanager can be individually adapted while always staying in line with your corporate design.

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Please note:

To enable use of the latest Korrespondenzmanager functions as part of the Brandnamic Hotel Apps, the DataHub App, Privacy App, Payment App, and Cluster App are required.

Support and assistance from beginning to end

We know that the key to being able to use our hotel software successfully is continuous support and training. Once the Korrespondenzmanager is set up and ready to go, we’ll teach you all the basics in an introductory training session, so that you can get started with your customised offers and find the optimal range of functions for you. At the same time, our Korrespondenzmanager team in Customer Service is there to give you assistance from the very first moment: quick, competent, and personal. This is something our satisfied customers particularly appreciate – and it’s what sets us apart.

“Before we started using the Korrespondenzmanager, it was difficult to ensure the guest communication of our four hotels conformed to our brand’s overarching corporate design – now it’s done in an instant!”


“The Korrespondenzmanager lets us answer a much higher number of enquiries in a significantly shorter time – with the confidence that we can address the individual needs of our guests in detail.”

Patrick Nestl
Hotel Erika

“We’re really impressed by the professionalism shown by Brandnamic. From the moment we started working together, we’ve always received top advice and excellent support. We’re truly delighted with the Korrespondenzmanager.”

The Schmuck family with Bianka Bitter
Naturhotel Forsthofgut

“The Korrespondenzmanager makes it much easier to answer guest enquiries individually, and anytime I have a question, I feel like I’m in good hands with Brandnamic Support.”

Sonnenalp Resort

“We use numerous functions of the Korrespondenzmanager and are delighted by the many options and constant new developments.”

Alpin Panorama Hotel Hubertus

“As a small business, a time-saving correspondence tool is particularly important to us. With the Korrespondenzmanager, I can send each offer in a matter of seconds.”

Georg Steurer

“The emotional e-mail templates of the Korrespondenzmanager let us express the values and soul of our hotel.”

Naturhotel Forsthofgut
The solution
For an individual touch

Pictures, graphics, texts, and content can be individually adapted to your CI and are highly customisable, as demonstrated by Hotel Forsthofgut.

For fans of efficiency

Suitable templates are automatically proposed for the requested period – and can be expanded free of charge.

For a sales boost

Dream holidays are just a click away: Sales-oriented layout and call-to-action buttons guide the guest gently but surely through to booking.

For high demands

Does your guest have additional wishes? Send an individual response immediately or use expandable text building blocks that can be inserted by dragging and dropping.

For greater economy

The automated dispatch of e-mails, such as follow-up, anticipation, and welcome home e-mails, fills beds and strengthens customer loyalty.

For small businesses

Licence fees are calculated fairly and transparently according to the number of beds. The range of functions is decided by your budget.

For resorts

It’s not only the tool that’s scalable. The tiered pricing also makes the Korrespondenzmanager attractive for large businesses such as Andreus Resorts.

For design lovers

Just like the design of Hotel Gartner, there are no limits to the layout of e-mails and pages. Design them yourself or trust our expertise.

For fans of detail

Social media wall, pre-check-in, wish list, credit card enquiry, and more – all important and desirable details are offered.

For top class

The professional and stylish MiA offer pages present the best side of each business, such as Andreus Resort GOLF LODGE.

Graphic design
Videos and photos

We think outside the box for you. Thanks to 360° marketing consulting, you can trust that we bear everything in mind: from the analysis of your current situation, to your positioning concept, right through to offer and pricing strategies.

In the Brandnamic Academy, you can also discover all about tourism marketing from experts with first-hand knowledge. The diverse portfolio of training courses, seminars, webinars, and e-mail courses deliver current expert knowledge from the industry. As well as marketing professionals from our own ranks, external experts also frequently share their knowledge with you.

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Hotel software seldom works alone. That’s why the Korrespondenzmanager is perfectly compatible with other software tools from Brandnamic. Strong interfaces to popular hotel management software ensures ideal functionality. On Brandnamic’s own e-learning platform, you’ll find all training sessions you need for the successful use of our software solutions under one roof.

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Our mission: To draw attention to you. Our advertising professionals give you optimal visibility in all advertising media, online and offline, cross-channel and target-oriented. One of our strengths is online and social media advertising.

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Your marketing revolves around having a contemporary, sales-promoting, attractive website. Thanks to our many years of experience in all aspects of programming, user-friendliness, and performance, we speak the complex language of the web and skilfully present your business. The Korrespondenzmanager and our other software solutions are the perfect optical and technical fit for your website.

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Over 40 text building blocks, over 50 e-mail templates, four languages: The Korrespondenzmanager has an extensive supply of texts, which cover most of your needs. Would you like more? Our Copywriting team will wield their pens for you and make your correspondence and much more besides shine with tailor-made texts in your desired style.

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Graphic design

The goal? Absolute recognition factor. The path? Stylish media design. With a trained hand and great precision, our professional graphic designers create unmistakable identities that give your hotel correspondence – and your brand – character.

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Videos and photos

We bring your hotel to life – and show it in the best light. Benefit from the expertise of our photographers and videographers to style all e-mails from the Korrespondenzmanager with photos and videos in your individual look.

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We let the numbers speak for themselves. Since its launch, the Korrespondenzmanager has impressed customers in six countries and counting – because of its features and its results.

Korrespondenz-manager accounts
> 700
E-mails sent
40 million
Of which offers sent
12 million
Open rate
Booking rate
Booking amount
6.8 billion

When trends emerge, new requirements loom, or our discerning customers tell us their wishes, regular developments to the Korrespondenzmanager ensure that it always stays a step ahead of the future.

New interface to the TAC Reservation Assistant

Stylishly inform guests about booked beauty treatments – thanks to the interface to the TAC Reservation Assistant. Beauty services and packages booked in the Reservation Assistant are relayed directly to the Korrespondenzmanager. It doesn’t get much more convenient than that.

New interface to Europäische Reiseversicherung

Every insurance counts. Because, thanks to a new widget, you secure a profit for every travel insurance taken out. This means that everyone has something to look forward to: your guests to an all-round carefree holiday, and you to a commission from Europäische Reiseversicherung.

New module to boost guest loyalty

How to delight guests and boost loyalty: With the new Guestclub module, hotels can give worthwhile discounts on premium lifestyle-brand products from the Alps – without reducing rates themselves, with no extra effort, and exclusively for their guests.

Compose texts with AI

Artificial intelligence GPT from OpenAI is now integrated into the Korrespondenzmanager, which makes creating text suggestions during the booking process child’s play! Smart pre-sets allow tailored texts to be proposed – with no prompting knowledge required.

Audio marketing with podcasts

Audio formats offer hotels exciting opportunities to convey emotions and information to guests. Podcasts from Apple and Spotify can now be directly incorporated into the Korrespondenzmanager. You can’t get much closer to your guests!

Automated dispatch of offers

With the new Autoresponder, holiday requests can be answered efficiently and automatically. The module sends out customised offers based on predefined criteria, such as time or source of the request. If the standard enquiries are answered automatically, there is more time for guest care and active selling.

Offers and information via WhatsApp

The big advantage of WhatsApp? Guests are familiar with using the app and communication is direct. The new chat options between the guest and the reception boosts the booking rate of your offers and creates an efficient, personal way of increasing guest loyalty. Secure and GDPR-compliant thanks to the exclusive WhatsApp Business API solution!

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